Scorpio Nails: Ideas, Looks, Meaning, Vibes, Looks

Scorpio Nails

Scorpio Nails: Intro Scorpio season is in full swing, and we’re embracing the intense period by celebrating it in any way we can, whether it’s through the fragrance we wear or the nail art we use to decorate our tips. We asked astrologist and author Lisa Stardust what nail designs Scorpios are drawn to because … Read more

Preppy Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Images

Preppy Nails

Preppy nails art is the way to go if you want to add a little preppy style to your appearance. This blog post will provide 20 examples of flawless preppy nails. We’ll offer advice on selecting the appropriate hues and patterns as well as the finest techniques for achieving that finished appearance. Let’s get going! … Read more

Matte Green Nails: Ideas, Pictures, Class, Art

Matte Green Nails

Depending on the shade and style, green nails can be subtly elegant or eye-catching and vibrant. If you want to stand out by wearing unusual nail colours, we have selected the best green nail designs for you. Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to start incorporating some new colours into your manicure arsenal (Matte … Read more

Long Nail Designs: Ideas, Creative, Looks, Images

Long Nail Designs

Everybody loves getting their nails done. Now the question lies upon which ones to get. This question can take forever to answer since there are hundreds and thousands of colors and finishes and it might get difficult to choose just one. Here is a nail guide to choose that perfect nail that one is looking … Read more

Lilac Nails: Ideas, Looks, Pictures, Class, Happy Souls

Lilac Nails

Lilac Nails: Intro Today, we’ll look at one of the year’s hottest fashion colour trends: purple. Lilac Nails are definitely trendy this year, and they look so cute! These nails look modern, fun, and a little futuristic. Purple gives  fashion vibes, which I  like. While I prefer lilac nails in the spring, you can’t go … Read more

Barry Pokemon: Bio, Age, Wiki, Life, Anime

Barry Pokemon

Barry is one character that is appeared in the Pokemon anime. Barry is a Pokémon trainer from twinleaf town and from one of the ash’s rivals. Instead of being from twinleaf town, he has never met the dawn before. Barry’s training style it seems to be like mirror Paul of whom Barry is a fan … Read more

Belldandy: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Life


Belldandy: Intro Belldandy in Japanese it is named as Berudandi is a goddess in what the anime series and manga calls angels from Heaven and the title character of the entire Oh! My Goddess anime series. She was first appeared to the Keiichi Morisato to grant him a wish. She subsequently really wish that, “I wish for a … Read more

Ignis Scientia: Bio, Age, Wiki, Anime, Life

Ignis Scientia

Ignis Scientia, formerly known as Ignis Stupeo Scientia, is Prince Noctis’ companion as well as a party member in Final Fantasy XV. He is now a swappable player character as of patch 1.20. He is also the major playable character in his own DLC episode & a rival in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. His given … Read more

Druddigon Pokemon Go: Everything To Know

Druddigon Pokemon Go

Druddigon has drawn players’ attention ever since it made its appearance at the start of the Series of Heritage event in Pokémon GO. Sadly, several gamers have complained that they had trouble locating one just to add to the hoard. The good news is that players who want a Druddigon might finally get it ( … Read more

Barbie Car: Reviews, Info, Things To Know, Class

Barbie Car

Barbie Car: Introduction The barbie, car, doll is a beloved children’s toy especially for girls. This toy is actually a fashion doll which was manufactured by the American toy company called the Mattel Inc. and was launched in March 1959. The inverter of this toy is Ruth Handler. Apparently Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent … Read more