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Ignis Scientia

Ignis Scientia, formerly known as Ignis Stupeo Scientia, is Prince Noctis’ companion as well as a party member in Final Fantasy XV. He is now a swappable player character as of patch 1.20. He is also the major playable character in his own DLC episode & a rival in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. His given name was Ignis Stupeo Scientia at first, however the middle name is no longer in use in his formal biographies.

Tetsuya Nomura formed and co-designed Ignis for the Final Fantasy XV forerunner, a spin-off titled Final Fantasy Vs XIII. His character was crafted to be expressed in his appearance, the way he talks, and his expressions. Ignis is closely connected with the game’s food as well as recipe mechanic, which grants the party multiple statistical advantages after each session. Ignis appears in other media adaptations of the Final Fantasy XV universe, and many crossover appearances.

Shortly after the launch of Final Fantasy XV, video game publications praised Ignis as a well-developed supporting player and one of the best characters in the Final Fantasy franchise. Ignis’ gestures, and also his affiliation with XV’s food and cooking mechanic, have fascinated a sizable fan following, while the portrayal of his impairment later in the game’s story has received praise as a convincing & inspiring representation of a person living with disabilities.

In the Japanese edition, he is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, while in the English edition, he is voiced by Adam Croasdell.

Ignis Scientia: Appearance

Ignis Scientia is dressed in a purple as well as black patterned dress shirt, a black suit, & black bright red-soled boots with sequential crystals on the tip. He is dressed in gleaming silver driving gloves. He has short, dirty blond hair swept up in front of his hairline, spectacles, & hazel eyes. Like other party members, he wears skull-themed clothing, the most notable of which is the skull print on the back of his shirt. He also wears a silver skull necklace and has a skull on his belt buckle. His casual attire consists of a white long-sleeved dress shirt and a grey t-shirt. He’s dressed in grey slacks & has a storage pack tied to his left leg.

Ignis Scientia
Impact of Ignis Scientia

He was dressed largely the same 10 years later, though his sunglasses had been removed with dark visors and his hair had risen out on top. He also receives the Kingsglaive attire.

Ignis Scientia: Personality

In contrast to Gladiolus and Prompto, Ignis has a composed, genuine, and calm personality. He is a perfectionist who loses his cool when things don’t go his way. Ignis is a precise individual who despises even the most minor uncertainty. As a result, when discussing strategies, he frequently goes into great detail. Nonetheless, he is the party’s nicest and most practical mind, as well as its stabilising impact. That’s why he wears sunglasses despite the fact that his vision is adequate without them. Even with his quiet and serious demeanour, he occasionally cracks jokes, such as by making puns or sarcastic remarks. He also has a tendency to gloat.

Ignis Scientia
Class of Ignis Scientia

Even though he’s not especially interested in cooking initially, just doing it sincerely because it was aspect of his job, the time he spent cooking for Noctis has crafted him take immense pleasure in his cooking abilities, and he is affronted when Prompto says he looks forward to Iris’ (or anybody else’s) cooking.

Cultural Impact: Ignis Scientia

The Perkins School for the Blind released an op ed piece in 2019 detailing how Ignis’ impairment motivated so many XV players from multiple nations to help the organisation by initiating Sagefire, a fanzine celebrating XV with fan art & fan fiction, with a chunk of the presale profits going to Perkins. Fans polled for the article stated that they were moved by the depiction of Ignis acclimating and adjusting to his impairment. As per Croasdell, the Ignis Sagefire fanzine raised thousands of dollars on Perkins’ behest.

Promotional items and merchandise

To publicise the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XV, Play Arts Kai created action figures of Ignis, Noctis, Gladiolus, & Prompto, which were dispersed for sale by Square Enix on its online marketplace in early 2016. Square Enix launched on February 6, 2017, that the protagonist’s birthday is the following day, February 7, and launched a mask of Ignis with commands for players to publish and cutout to commemorate the occasion.

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