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Barbie Car

Barbie Car: Introduction

The barbie, car, doll is a beloved children’s toy especially for girls. This toy is actually a fashion doll which was manufactured by the American toy company called the Mattel Inc. and was launched in March 1959. The inverter of this toy is Ruth Handler. Apparently Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. The Barbie industry is the most popular toy industry in the world. The barbies are now though a huge industry in themselves. The popularity of barbie’s bought in popularity of other products related to barbie.

Barbies were sold in large quantities. Along with the barbie dolls, barbie houses, barbie closets, barbie clothes – shoes- makeup- bags everything else was sold. Even with the increasing popularity day by day tiniest of the things like shampoos and television sets- remotes and books were also being manufactured.

Barbie Car: Crucial Info

The barbie car is directly associated with the magnificent color pink. Every object of barbie’s is made in pink color, even the packaging in which barbie is marketed in is pink. It’s iconic icon of an outline image of barbie and the font of barbie is also written in hot pink.

Barbie Car
A luxury form of Barbie Car

In the fictional series barbie also has a boyfriend named Ken. There are ups and downs in their relationship. In 2004 barbie and ken split up as the company announced, but in 2006 there was another announcement that they have decided to rekindle their relationship.

Collection of cars

In 1962- barbie’s sports car which was a Austin- Healey 3000 MKII, it had an orange exterior and aqua seats with a silver tone stirring wheel and dashboard. It had white wall tires and silver hubcaps. There was also a limited pink edition launched for the same.

1962- Barbie and Ken’s Mercedes Benz, it had and aqua exterior and orange or white seats. It was marketed as Ken’s hot rod.

1964- a collection of cars under – barbie’s little sister Skipper in Allan’s roadster were seen. These were 68 Skipper turquoise an rare blue Mercedus.

1965- Skipper and Allen’s green/ white with green/ beige, rare red/ beige mercedus was sold in the market which was manufactured by Irwin Corp for Mattel.

Barbie Car
Class of Barbie Car: A romantic view

1969- 1971 – this was the era for barbie and ken’s green sports car and red sand buggy from Germany.

1971- for the first time barbie was seen on a bike/ motor- cycle, it was a rare big ATC vehicle with orange and red variations.

1970- barbie and ken pink official dune buggy was launched.

1971- barbie’s country camper, this was a van mainly of yellow color ideal for barbie’s camping vacations. It has different props in it suitable for camping, like some basic utensils and tent et up. It also came with little mats and stools for the camp.

1972- barbie’s sun n fun buggy was launched. It had some orange and red variations.

Between 1972- 1975 – various barbie camper vans were introduced, for instance a Volkswagen camper was launched specifically for Skipper. And there was another barbie goin’ camping set was launched in 1973, which had breeze buggy, tent and trailor dark yellow and many other yellow variations. In 1974 too a barbie beach bus was released.

1976- barbie’s star vette was flooding the markets in red, pink and purple color. This was also the ear when pink barbie star traveler was also launched. The traveler was elongated and thus had space like a vanity van.

1979- barbies remote control vette was released. And in the subsequent the barbie’s dream VETTE car was also introduced.

In the following years, there were different trailors, vans, traveler, cars, jeeps, and even boats were released. Although a pink corvette has been barbie’s fixed ride since the 70’s. the car was also seen in yellow, blue and red versions.

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