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Tom Cruise meme: Intro, Fun, Memes, Jokes

memes Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise meme :

Laughing Tom Cruise makes reference to a collection of altered photos and movies made from a press shot of the well-known American actor grinning maniacally while speaking on stage at a Yahoo! Conference in e arly 2006.Tom Cruise was captured inconsolably giggling in a photograph by Flickr[1] user Maximum Mitch on March 26th, 2006 during a meeting at the Yahoo! Headquarters[7]. The image has had more than 5,000 views as of October 2014.The Church of Scientology conducted an interview with Tom Cruise, which was leaked to YouTube the same month and which the church attempted to have removed, resulting in Project Chanology. On January 16th, 2008, YouTuber Suburban Hicks[6] posted a video titled “Tom Cruise Maniac Laugh (REMIX)” that included a clip of Cruise manically laughing. The remix has received over 250,000 views as of October 2014. The Scientology interview clip was included in a video dubbed “The Greatest “Laughing Tom Cruise” Viral” that Funny or Die [10] released on April 20th, 2008; it appeared to be people laughing maniacally in reaction to Cruise. The video has had over 3,000 views as of October 2014. MemeGenerator [12] published a page of Tom Cruise giggling macros on December 15th, 2012.The Facebook[8] group “Tom Cruise Laughing” was started on December 11th, 2012, and as of October 2014, the page had amassed over 1,000 remarks. The Tumblr blog tomcruiselaughing[9] was started on March 18, 2013.

TomCruiseClinging meme

Tom Cruise first encounters memes of himself in a BBC Radio 1 interview that was released on Friday. Likewise, he can’t get enough of them.

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Despite the fact that Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was released in 2015, no one has ever in the past two years shown the actor the “Tom Cruise Clinging” meme. Before the movie ever came out, the meme first appeared. Cruise is shown dangling out of a fighter jet in the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer. This picture is ready for the internet to do its magic. The #TomCruiseClinging meme featured pictures of the actor leaning against Nicolas Cage’s face, soaring out of a Jay Leno interview, and standing close to Darth Maul as he dies, among many other things. And it appears that Cruise has not seen even one. Ali Plumb of BBC Radio 1 presumably anticipated Cruise to respond  yes when he asked the actor if he had seen the memes. If he hadn’t, Plumb would not have anticipated such a joyful answer. But, when he showed Cruise some of the photos, including one of him clinging to Free Willy and, of course, Nic Cage, the actor was giggling uncontrollably. When he initially came across the memes, he really smacked his knee. In fact, Plumb had to ask an off-screen BBC Radio 1 staff member to bring the actor a glass of water because he was laughing so hard at them.

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