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Scorpio Nails: Ideas, Looks, Meaning, Vibes, Looks

Scorpio Nails

Scorpio Nails: Intro

Scorpio season is in full swing, and we’re embracing the intense period by celebrating it in any way we can, whether it’s through the fragrance we wear or the nail art we use to decorate our tips. We asked astrologist and author Lisa Stardust what nail designs Scorpios are drawn to because it’s one of the simplest ways to update our beauty look (Scorpio Nails).

Because the Scorpio season falls between autumn and winter, they prefer darker colours and reds, explains Stardust. Scorpios are dominant, emotional, and like to be in charge. They have a voracious appetite for sex as well. All of this adds up to intense, magical, and gothic nail art.

 The best Scorpio nail art if you were born between October 23rd and November 21st, or if you simply want to celebrate Scorpio season. There’s something for everyone, from intricate designs to simple texture changes.

Scorpio Nails: Points To Know

1.Dark Evening Skies

Bring on the gloom with this star-strewn mani. The black base on the upper half of the nail tips provides the perfect backdrop for matte constellations.

2. Swirly Snakes

It’s going to Slytherin. It’s going to Malfoy. It gives off dungeon-drinks-with-Snape vibes. What an atmosphere.

3. French with a Modern Twist

Update the classic French manicure with black polish and an elegant negative space twist.

4th. The Red Hot Scorpios

Scorpio Nails
Impact of Scorpio Nails

With this fun look, you can turn up the heat. This look is a no-brainer for this fiery water sign, thanks to the flirty hearts and the outlined scorpion.

5. Textures in Dark Colors

If you want to keep your nails simple, start with a matte black base and finish with a glossy black polish in the corners. It’s as simple as one, two, three (Scorpio Nails).

6. Address Her as Daddy

Scorpio, enjoy your kink. These BDSM-inspired nails will dress up any mani and do all the dirty work for you.

Creative Points

7. Let the Goth out!

Scorpios appreciate a good gothic moment. Painting an important year onto your nails in this edgy style is a great way to channel your grunge side.


The scorpion of the zodiac enjoys playing games, and chessboards make excellent nail art. You can paint them yourself or use a nail wrap for a quick mani.

Scorpio Nails
Impact of Scorpio Nails

9. Dark Ombré

This deep red ombré is ideal for the fiery Scorpio. It’s the ideal combination of dark and sensual, and it’s also appropriate for the chilly weather.

10. Communicate with the Hand

Nothing is simpler than painting your zodiac symbols on your body.


The chicest nail art ever combines black polish, negative space, and elegant swirls.

These are two words that perfectly describe Scorpios. They have a very magnetic charm that is difficult to resist. They are deeply committed and devoted. Nails picturing Scorpio give a creative aesthetic.

Scorpios are also distinctive in that they are self-sufficient. They crave power and are extremely ambitious. They will work hard to get what they want and will not stop until they get it.

Curves that are tapered

This abstract design is simple but elegant for a winter manicure. A rich beige polish provides a classic foundation, but black tapered curves — some sprouting from the tips and others from the cuticles — add a cute yet boldly contrasting element.

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