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Long Nail Designs

Everybody loves getting their nails done. Now the question lies upon which ones to get. This question can take forever to answer since there are hundreds and thousands of colors and finishes and it might get difficult to choose just one. Here is a nail guide to choose that perfect nail that one is looking for (Long Nail Designs)!

The Classic French Tip: Long Nail Designs

Nothing beats a classic french tip. A french tip is supposedly said to match any nail shape irrespective of the length and finish. French nails suit any occasion, mostly formal events. They are perfect for meetings and conferences. They can be easily done at home. One has to be careful around the tip of the nail and the depth they’re aiming for with the color (Long Nail Designs).

A Neon Mismatched Stiletto Nail: Long Nail Designs

Neon colors are absolutely fun. Especially when they glow in the dark. Fluorescent Colors like pink, violet, green, yellow are great to experiment with. Mismatching these colors and layering them up with waves and french tips would look extraordinary. Lately, there is a trend going around where characters are hand painted onto neon nails making them look extravagant and fun at the same time.

Coffin Nails With A Soft Light Pink Color: Long Nail Designs

Hands down, coffin nail shape is the best one when compared to the others. But when kept at a moderate length. A coffin nail in a light pink color indicates femininity and gentleness. Matte is the finish that everybody likes to go for. However, glossy finish would also be a great choice for weddings or family gatherings.

Matte Black /white Nails: Long Nail Designs

Who has not forgotten the tumblr era? Tumblr was all about matte solid black nail color or matte solid white color usually in a coffin or stiletto nail shape. These nails are perfect for college goers or office goers. They are minimal and effortless. If one wishes, they can play with both the colors and create some beautiful art upon their nails (Long Nail Designs).

Glittery Almond Wine Red Nail Look

Wine red color calls for seduction and romantic dates. Almond nail shape is known to be the classic shape in the nail industry. Almond nails with wine red combination is nothing but divine. On top of that, a coat of glitter, speaks royalty. It is the most gorgeous nail on any woman.

Long Nail Designs
Class of Long Nail Designs

It accentuates the total attire of the woman and adding a few jewelry certainly doesn’t hurt anybody!

Rhinestones With A Beige Coat

beige, creamy colors have been around for a long time. They make anyone look chic and stylish. This color looks flattering on almost every skin tone. Mostly on those women with a fair complexion or women with a pink undertone. Beige compliments these women. This color on nails sounds definitely like a hit! And with a couple of rhinestones, it is going to look super flattering. One can go for an ombre look with beige for an everyday look or glitters and rhinestones with a matte creamy color for that one special evening.

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