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Lilac Nails: Ideas, Looks, Pictures, Class, Happy Souls

Lilac Nails

Lilac Nails: Intro

Today, we’ll look at one of the year’s hottest fashion colour trends: purple. Lilac Nails are definitely trendy this year, and they look so cute! These nails look modern, fun, and a little futuristic. Purple gives  fashion vibes, which I  like.

While I prefer lilac nails in the spring, you can’t go wrong with purple nails all year. Depending on your personal style, there are numerous ways to wear purple nails.

Lilac Gradient: Lilac Nails

We’re starting with this stunning purple ombré nail look done on acrylic nails. I love how this combines several trends into one, combining ombré with glitter, marble, and rhinestones. While this nail design has a lot going on, the light pastel colour scheme keeps it from feeling too crazy.

This look is vibrant and eye-catching, making it ideal for a vacation, birthday party, or other fun event. I can see this being really cute for prom, formals, or weddings.

The Purple Marble

This acrylic nail look elevates purple marble nails to new heights! It’s a daring take on the marble nail trend, combining a variety of purple shades with glitter accents and rhinestones for a galaxy effect. This is the nail design for you if you want your manicure to look like it came from outer space.

Butterfly Lilac Nails

I couldn’t be more in love with these purple butterfly nails! They’re so 2000s, and they remind me of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in their early days.The nail tutorial is great because it shows you how to do gel at home. It’s not something I would have attempted, but the tutorial makes it appear so simple.

Lilac Nails
Best of Lilac Nails

Whether done at home or in a salon, these nails are the perfect nude nail with a pop of fun colour — ideal for a variety of occasions! They’ll look great with all of your 2000s-inspired outfits this season.

Pastel nails are my favourite for spring, and I love this modern take on pastel purple nails done with polish on natural nails.

Ombre Purple to Pink

This pink and purple ombré nail look is fantastic! You could have the ombré effect applied to all of your nails, or you could make it more interesting by replicating the look above, which includes two floral glitter accent nails. Encapsulated glitter is currently a huge trend in acrylic nails.

Whatever way you choose to wear it, you’ll have nails that stand out from the crowd.

Lilac Floral

I can’t take my eyes off these lilac floral nails. They’re stunning yet understated, just how I like my nails. While florals can be overly sweet and cutesy at times, this is a cool girl take on the floral nail vibe.Instead of your typical floral nail art, these press-on nails alternate lilac oval nails with clear floral-embellished nails for a look that’s trendy but never cheesy.

Swirl Purple Heart Nails

I like how the design is limited to the tips of the nails, allowing the natural colour of the nail base to shine through. These nails are absolutely adorable, and I would wear them all year.

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