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Barry Pokemon

Barry is one character that is appeared in the Pokemon anime. Barry is a Pokémon trainer from twinleaf town and from one of the ash’s rivals. Instead of being from twinleaf town, he has never met the dawn before. Barry’s training style it seems to be like mirror Paul of whom Barry is a fan of. Ash has problem with Barry’s training style. Unlike the Paul however, despite the training methods Barry is a very sociable person and is always eager to make friends and does still care about his Pokémon.  He is first appearing in the Barry’s bursting out all over, and also appear in Pokémon the series: diamond and Pearl, who is the rival of the ash’s in sinnoh region.

Barry Pokemon: Appearance

Barry Pokemon has a yellow hair, and he is having orange eyes. He has seen wearing grey pants, brown boots, and also wear a brown shoulder bag. Barry also wears a long green scarf and has an orange pocket on his left arm.

Diamond And Pearl: Barry Pokemon

Barry mostly wears a short sleeve cardigan with the orange and white strips.

Platinum: Barry Pokemon

Barish cardigan is in a jacket instead in the similar design with the long sleeves and more appropriate for the cold climate of the region.

Brilliant Diamond And The Shining Pearl:

Barry’s appearance remains same as in the diamond and Pearl.


In the series Barry is shown to have a very hyperactive personality. Barry very much admires Paul and his training methods, and he wants to be a stronger trainer like him. He also has likely similar mentality as Paul is having, as in capturing the strong Pokémon for training. Dawn knew Barry back when they both have lived in a twinleaf town, but still Barry doesn’t remember her.

Barry Pokemon
Legend of Barry Pokemon

Barry only recognises ash, dawn, and brock due to the fact that they all have participated in the hearthome city tag battle competition with the Paul. Barry at first saw as Ash weak trainer who couldn’t compare to Paul but as the time passed, he started saw the spirit of Ash in battling. Barry has also become a very good friend of Ash. At the end of the sinonoh league he also admitted that ash was better trainer than him.

Barry as a childhood friend often help the players as much as he challenges them. He is very much fond of the gym leader crasher wake. Barry is the son of the Palmer, who is one of the sinnoh’s five frontier brains. Barry wants to be just like his father, and he trained very hard to achieve his ambition and goals. Barry and his father are very much similar, they are constantly in hurry, running towards the people, even the player and also react the same when they bump into them. Barry became a lot more mature, serious, and realistic after his biggest defeat against the Jupiter. After that he also made his goal to defeat her, which he later does after the player, and he teamed up when team galactic were calling the two legendary Pokémon.

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