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Belldandy: Intro

Belldandy in Japanese it is named as Berudandi is a goddess in what the anime series and manga calls angels from Heaven and the title character of the entire Oh! My Goddess anime series. She was first appeared to the Keiichi Morisato to grant him a wish. She subsequently really wish that, “I wish for a goddess like you to be stay by my side for forever”, binds up the Belldandy to the Earth and subsequently sets off the main plot and trait of the entire anime series itself.

Belldandy: Personality

Belldandy is an exceptionally very good and kind-hearted person, even for a goddess. She can easily sense the other people’s feelings and tries her best to be empathetic to all those people around her, displaying a combination of both the serene beauty and the acceptance. If someone is in problem, especially Keiichi, she would not at all hesitate for a second to do anything that she could to do to save that person. She rarely holds a grudge with someone and is always willing to forgive anyone who does harm to her. Even though Belldandy always tries her best to be as kind and good as possible, occasionally she can become somewhat very insecure and sad, if confronted with an implication that involves the Keiichi in one way or another way.

The fact that Belldandy does not deliberately aggravate the Keichi, she also portrays quite a bit of naivete in the anime series, sometime being ignorant of the intentions of those around her who would cause her injuries and harm. Though she can be naive at times, like any other girl she also gets jealous, though unlike other girls, because of her abilities her jealousy can be a little bit explosive and disastrous, letting out all the blast of powers, somewhat like causing the weather to change.

Best of Belldandy

While this is initially accepted as her usual used to personality, she was noticeably less naive and more normal person in early manga series chapters than in later the depictions, particularity in the anime series and the ova series. These features of minor impulsiveness and the annoyance nature were eventually dropped down altogether.


As she is a divine goddess, Belldandy has an affinity for the wind or an air, and as such is the base for the most of her spells. Belldandy can summon winds at their will, from small gusts to the tornadoes, and can easily alter the weather to be more pleasant and calm.

Like all the goddesses, Belldandy is also able to cast spells faster just by singing, and sometime restores the life to ruined areas during the recreational singing, though she can also be connected and attached to her being the goddess of the present. In fact, Belldandy is deemed the one of the best songstresses in the Heaven, performing the extremely hard lullaby Rarihozen. While it is typically said to be preferring to resolve matters and problems civilly and avoiding the conflicts altogether, or any other form of the violence whatsoever it is, Belldandy is truly able to hold her own in combat against all the variety of foes. 

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